What material are your moulds made from? 
100% food grade silicone 

How do you look after the moulds? 
Wash in warm soapy water before use. Mould are not dishwasher safe, don't use metal sponges or sharp objects to clean as this may cause damage.

How do I use the mould?
To get the best detail from your mould, lightly dust the mould with cornflour or icing sugar, tap to remove excess. Press your choice of fondant, sugar paste, modelling paste or gum paste into the mould. Use a rolling pin over the mould to ensure fondant has been pressed into the edges of the mould. Using a baking tool, gently remove the excess fondant. Remove the mould from the fondant decoration, the fondant should pop out of the mould. Dust with a brush if there is any cornflour/icing sugar on the fondant decoration. 

The decoration won't come out of the mould, what do I do?
If the fondant is getting stuck in the mould, place in the freezer or fridge for 10-15 minutes. The decoration should come out with ease, wait a few minutes for the decoration to thaw before placing onto fondant/icing.  

Are the moulds FDA certified?
All moulds are FDA (Food & Drug Administration) certified.